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None, currently under the protection of Oz Famiglia

Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
Fuka is a petit girl, often described as gangly and thin.  She has light brown eyes, and blondish colored hair.  Her face is round, showing her age to be young.  She is also considerably shorter than many.  Her smile can be described as charming, or vapid, depending on which member you ask.  Her expressions are normally open and friendly.
She initially wears a blue dress with a white undergown.  Once taken into the Oz household, she is given a red dress with a open stitch bodice by Kyrie, which she wears over a pinkish white undergown.  This is the dress she wears mostly when living day to day..
Fuka is a girl with a generally bright disposition.  Having lost her memory, Fuka has a very naïve and simple personality.  She is fairly accepting of things at face value and has fallen for more than one trick during her stay in the Oz household.  Fuka is also a freeloader, living her life as a “pet” of the household, giving her a lot of freedom in the household.  Despite not being part of the Famiglia officially, she still insists on helping whenever she can, taking time to do laundry or tend the garden near her cottage.  Her naivete often times finds her in the face of danger, whether trying to seeking to understand her attacker or to save a child from a quarrel between other famiglia.There isn’t much to say about Fuka’s back story.  Her memory loss makes her unable to recall anything of her life before waking up in an alley way with a strange man (Casear) ready to kill her.  You could say her life actually started when she found the Oz famiglia and was taken under their care.
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This is faithful to the character, a good application, so it's accepted!
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