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Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
Emily has deep, black hair that tumbles down her back in waves. It’s quite thick and glossy but annoying during her work. She often ties it up into a loose bun to keep it out of the way and many people who see her are so used to it she almost looks like a different person when her hair is down. She is quite muscular, though not entirely in shape because of her fondness for alcohol. Her hourglass figure is often hidden under her work clothes though she still tries to dress at least a little stylish, just in case the guy of her dreams happens to come along. Her eyes are a deep brown colour and her skin is pale and quite flawless, though her hands and feet are a little rough and callous because she carries many heavy items around town and in her cart. When she has the chance to Emily very much enjoys dressing up and has many dresses and outfits for special occasions, one of which is if the bar asks her to fill in for entertainment. Her voice isn’t the best around but it is quite beautiful, with her voice, hair and clothes all changed sometimes even her friends struggle to recognise her.Emily is a headstrong girl with a thirst for the perfect guy, only he’s sure to never exist. Famously trying to flirt with every man she meets she quickly loses interest over mundane and very human traits and yet refuses to lower her standards for anyone. Though she complains she lives far from the fairytale life she dreams of she is actually quite content with her life and her friends. Nothing special, Emily is just happy to earn enough money to live comfortable and splurge out on a well-earned drink after her busy work days.
Though she is rather unfeminine in her manner that’s not to say she can’t portray herself as being very beautiful. Her naturally black hair and brown eyes compliment her fair, clear skin and if she tries hard to be more ladylike she can come across as a very ideal woman indeed. That said, her years working as a delivery girl all over town has toned her body and given her quite strong muscles, making her frustrated and annoyed when men assume she can’t do something. She also finds it more difficult to contain her true personality the more she’s had to drink, though she enjoys to indulge in the daydream by pretending to have a lot of feminine appeal actually maintaining that aura takes up a lot of energy. She’s more comfortable as her boisterous self.
When she comes across someone younger than her she’s known to have a little bit of a ‘big sister’ complex. That isn’t to say she would be obsessed at the thought of it but she very much would like to be a source of advice or come across as reliable to them. While she had this pride in herself she also struggles to be as reliable as she would like to be, as her method of tackling issues is to normally dive in head first without thinking more about the consequences. Emotional advice would normally end in a lot of awkwardness and embarrassment for Emily, even if she tries. This said, she prides herself especially on being quite friendly to everyone around town. She knows lots of people from her job and it able to take on more jobs because of it, however, this means she has few close friends who she’s able to see on a regular basis.
Emily has a rather uninteresting backstory; she was raised under the care of her parents who lived a quite boring life. She had always helped out with their small store and even branched out her own business of deliveries from a young age. Though her fondness for silly daydreams and stories made her clash with her mother and father, she was determined to find a sense of freedom for herself. Finding it easy to approach people she quickly gained a reputation as a reputable worker, although was never able to find a steady job. In her desperation for more money in order to maintain her freedom from her parents she set up her own small delivery business that began by helping out friends. Growing from there Emily has quite a name for herself as a reliable girl, although her independence, growing strength and energetic personality has pushed her further from her ideal fairybook dream of her own. Unsatisfied in her love live she now works hard to maintain her independence while dreaming of the impossible guy to sweep her away.
Other Facts:
- She is currently 24 years old
- Her birthday is August 10th
- She likes spicy food
- While beer is her favourite beverage she can happily drink anything
- She doesn't have a favourite type of man, she thinks all types have her charm but is still critical of them all
- She enjoys singing and has a surprisingly nice voice

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This looks pretty good, so I'm validating it!

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