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Emily RP ideas~ Empty Emily RP ideas~

Post by Emily on Mon 18 Jul - 0:01

Since I've just made a fresh new OC I thought I could throw out any potential ideas to people
See her application here

As she often takes on delivery jobs there are chances for her to interact in any part of the town (providing it's a Sunday)

Likely RP ideas include:

  • Taking on a delivery task (either delivering something to you or for you)
  • Bumping into each other while she's on the job
  • Spotting her working a store for one of her part-time jobs (or asking her to work)
  • In a bar somewhere (or, for example, she's trying to find a bar in a new territory if she takes a Sunday off)
  • Finding her drunk (your character could drink with her or just try to look after her)

I also think it'd be fun to have her in the middle of some kind of conflict (though as she's a normal person she can't contribute much and just has the 'why me' mentality)

Feel free to PM me for ideas or reply here

ALSO - if mentioning alcohol or drunk people makes you uncomfortable let me know and I'll be sure to tone it down a lot for anything with your character (she's not an alcoholic, she just enjoys having a drink.)

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