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Potential events Empty Potential events

Post by Wizard of Oz -Admin- on Wed 25 May - 16:07

While we do not currently have enough members to really get an event going, this doesn't mean we can't start planning!

I'd love to hear your ideas for potential events that'd work in universe.

For now, Hansel had mentionned in a private conversation the festivals held by the various mafia families. I'd be willing to put some of these together if we have enough people in said mafia families!

I also think we can have a meteor shower gathering someday.

Does anyone have other ideas for potential events? Things that appear in game or new ideas to expand on the universe both work!
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Potential events Empty Re: Potential events

Post by Guest on Mon 11 Jul - 13:44

Hmm.... I'll throw out random ideas.

  • Valentine's/White Day
  • Some sort of tag-team thing? competition between all the famiglie. No idea what....hm, I guess stuff like obstacle courses or IDK.
  • A parade?
  • Christmas!! :D
  • something like a culture festival? every famiglia decorates their territory with a specific theme. it could be something like Halloween or a mid-summer festival for the town.

uhh that's all I got for now. I'll add more if I think of something

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