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Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
Nanami is a young girl with bluish hair and light purple eyes.As a child she had her hair up in 2 ponytails,but after coming back from the cult and reform with oz she wears it open.Clothes|Adult|-http://shisukyu.tumblr.com/post/147012615524/wip-nanami-sprite Clothes|Child|http://shisukyu.tumblr.com/post/146857875799/idk-if-i-uploaded-it-already-child-nanami-sprite

She has 3 earing  on her left ear and has the sign of oz on the left side of her chest
As a child she was really subborn and didn't talk to people much,only to these she taught were good people.She tried to not showing any emotions,but when failed she felt real emberessed.Later on as an adult she opens up up little more,but still is rather a quite person.To people she doesn't like she rather is harsch and only talks of she needs to,but to people she is close to she feels like she should talk more and sometimes even forced herself to talk.Born from an abusive prostitute,she finds herself in a unknown town after running away.At the Age of only 8 she stumbled into the great territory we know as oz.Living on the street for a few days ,wasn't any diffrent than living with that woman,called her mother.After a few days,when she got insulted by an older man,a huge figur with black hair and a man with orange hair ,saved her,but even after the man with the orange her asked her what was happening,she didnt say a word.Still trying to make her talk for a while,they got interrupted by the stupid scarecrow ,how she called him later.It was her chance to  get away and so she walked off,still watching them from afar.When they wanted to continue moving on,she followed them,till they of course noticed.Finally beeing able to talk to her ,they decide to take in the child.Building up relations to them,she started to experience the feeling of beeing a family,but also individual feelings for each of them.After living there for 2 years,she just vanished one day.A few years after that,Fuka was found and her story had it ways,till fuka one day found an unconcious girl in a an alley,just as she was found herself. Beein curious and also feeling concern at the moment she wants the rest of her 'family' to hospilize her.As a clischee would be,we would have guessed it would be the lost girl,but it wasn't,still it was the way how Nanami found back to oz.(To be continue~) *extra stuff* after getting said 'u act weird' or 'u are acting diffrent' she touches her cheeks and asks if she really does;She has feelings for caramia but things that only have a older brother-little sister relation,only shows emotions to caramia as a child and sometimes axel,doesn't really like kyrie

Akane :

Akane or Aki~


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