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Caramia [Exemple application] Carami10


Oz mafia

Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
Caramia is, overall, fairly well built ; he's tall, reasonably muscled and thankfully, despite his unending appetite, he doesn't seem to put on too much weight.  What really stands out about him is his face ; often lit up by a boyish grin, unveiling surprisingly sharp canines. There is a gentleness to his golden coloured eyes that rarely ever goes away. Framing his diamond shaped face, his light red hair only seem to add to the warmth emanating from his face.
He can sometimes be spotted wearing glasses, which he wears “out of habit” when he reads. Another thing one doesn't often see, as he's rarely undressed, is a burn mark on his chest; just like everyone in his mafia, he wears the Oz famiglia's symbol close to his heart.
Overall, Caramia looks gentle and trustworthy. That is, obviously, until you anger him ; in which case his overall appearance changes, in a way that differs from the norm as his hair seem to grow, his pupils narrowing and his face contorting in a frightening frown that would remind one of an angry predatory animal.
While his overall appearance is fairly well kept and clean, his aversion for baths makes him a bit of a slob in a way; since he'd rather not wash himself as often as others,  he may not always smell the nicest.
If one were to pick a single adjective to describe Caramia, it probably would be “kind”. The young man is indeed a very nice person, since he strives to help and protect everyone in his territory; he doesn't hesitate when it comes to taking in a young amnesiac girl, providing her with everything she might need despite her being a stranger to him. His gentleness doesn't always serve him though, as he often puts others before him, overlooking his own feelings and needs in the process.
He is well respected for his courage and his will to protect the citizens under his command.
While he is technically the boss, he still can be pushed around fairly easily, as another downside of his kindness.
His being nice doesn't mean he won't be a little mean once in a while; he does like teasing his friends once in a while.
In the same way, he does take his duty as a don seriously and won't hesitate to get in a fight and harm other people for the sake of his famiglia, though he does try to find other ways to solve problems first.
While he does read a lot and generally could be considered to have a lot of knowledge, he does have his dumb moments, and is easy to make fun of or get flustered. He tends to act before he thinks, especially when he feels what he's doing is righteous; this can get him in pretty bad situations, or push him to do stupid things like burning books instead of finding another way to dispose of them.
Before being the Caramia he is now, the young man used to be a lion. A majestic beast, plagued by his lack of courage; as a matter of fact, he was scared of his own shadow and barely got any sleep or food at all, as he was terrified of everything around him. Which made hunting or getting a nice night of rest quite complicated.
One day, he met a scarecrow and a tinman, and embarked on a journey to get his wish granted. After being given some courage, Caramia and his two friends turned into humans and went to live in their current town. His general qualities made him a natural leader, making him the don of the Oz mafia.
He doesn't remember everything very well and sometimes feel like something is missing, but doesn't dwell on it too much.
Another thing to know about him is the fact he doesn't have a very good health; he gets sick easily, which is why he keeps all sort of medicine under hand.
When he's not busy working, his main hobbies are reading and cooking; he's actually a pretty good cook, despite Kyrie's criticism.
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