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Post by Gretel on Sun 10 Jul - 4:55

Gretel Application (approved) 156py0n


Grimm Family

Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
Gretel is a little taller in stature than the average girl her age, falling just slightly shorter than her twin brother Hansel when standing up straight. Her eyes and hair are both a pale sea-foam green in color and her waist length hair is kept in a braid that is swept in-front of her neck like a scarf. She is rather frumpy and covers herself almost completely from head to toe; even her pet bird (which can usually be found on her shoulder) sports a bonnet.
Gretel has a very expressive face though, to see her smile is a rare event; except for when she's up to no good.
Gretel a sensitive and lonely girl. She is shy and uses hurtful words to deflect when she feels embarrassed. Because of this she has a hard time relating to anyone outside of her family (Scarlet, Hansel and Hamelin). She speaks curtly and often hides behind her brother when others are around. She is suspicious person by nature, she is quick to dismiss kindness in any-form as some sort of trick or deception; to which she often retaliates with violence. She is quick to anger but can be made somewhat reasonable when Scarlet or Hansel rein her in. She is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect and defend her family.
Gretel's weapon of choice is the grenade, though she's been known to make other explosives from time to time.
Gretel is not one to trust easily so she doesn't lose faith in those she believes in easily either. She still has faith in Hamelin and blames the other families for the situation with him, for not believing in him as she does. This made Gretel realize the divide between the families even more, which only added to her loneliness. This put her more on guard then she used to be and more protective of the two remaining members of her family. Her sadness causes her to lash out at the other families, furthering the gap between them.
When not taking out her frustrations on the other houses, she can be found selling bread with her brother. Although she can cook as well he does most of the baking. If Gretel had her hands in it, it is most likely to explode.
Player :
Old enough Wink
Anything you'd like to tell us
Although it has been a long time since I rp'd online (Play dnd every week) I look forward to causing you all trouble >_>

Gretel Application (approved) Death
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Gretel Application (approved) Empty Re: Gretel Application (approved)

Post by Wizard of Oz -Admin- on Sun 10 Jul - 10:23

That's a good app, pretty much exactly what I'd expect of gretel! I'll update your permissions so you may start rping, and recommend getting on the chat sometime if you'd like to talk with us some more!
Wizard of Oz -Admin-
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Gretel Application (approved) Empty Re: Gretel Application (approved)

Post by Guest on Sun 10 Jul - 12:03

Hello! And welcome to the forum! (let's cause some trouble together evil )

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