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Post by Soh on Fri 10 Jun - 19:13

Soh Application (approved) Soh11


Wolf Gang

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A fairly small young man ; Soh doesn't look like he's anything more than a teenager due to his youthful appearance. His round face is framed by blond hair and feature big, round eyes and plump lips that seems to always be pulled up in a smile. He's almost always seen wearing an apron due to his rather messy job as a cook. He doesn't look threatening in any ways, and seem more like the friendly kind that needs to be rescued, which is why his affiliation with a group of rebels is puzzling for most.Soh is a cheerful, caring young man ; it seems he doesn't have a single shred of badness in himself. Which is why his odd affiliation with a gang known to cause mayhem is puzzling at best. It seems his main goal in life is to care for Caesar, being basically his servant, as he does all he can to make his life nicer by cooking, cleaning, and bringing the money they need to live home. He's a hardworking young man who seems to put a lot of efforts in his business ; which also gives him a good business sense. Soh seems to really enjoy gossips, and seems more mature about things like love and relationship than you'd first assume. He seems to be hiding something though, as nobody could possibly survive in the slums for as long as he did with the kind of temperament he usually exhibits. He's also apparently not very good at fighting and seems to be pretty weak in general.Not a lot is known about Soh's life ; most assume he's a regular person who's simply living out his mortal life as nicely as he can. Probably born in the slums, he joined Caesar's gang for some reasons, and is mostly known in town for the excellent food he sells on the town plaza. Some may say it's odd how the young man seemingly doesn't age, though most of those who would know of it haven't noticed yet. He may also be familiar to a certain exiled Don.
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