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Characters we'd love to see Empty Characters we'd love to see

Post by Wizard of Oz -Admin- on Thu 26 May - 12:23

If you'd like to make an OC but aren't sure of what exactly you could have them do, here is a list of a few characters that do not really exist or have much of a role in the original game, but we'd love to see on our forum!

  • Barkeeper
  • Any sort of shopkeeper (suggestions from members: book seller, florist, jeweller)
  • Mafiosi to work for the different families
  • Cards dealers at the casino¬†
  • Farmers/Crafters/anyone who may produce goods (since it's said there is a lot of farmers on Heidi's lands as an example)

Those are, of course, merely ideas for civilian OCs; we'd honestly also be interested in seeing characters who may join a mafia's family or create their own faction!
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