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Ideas for rps ∾  Hunter Empty Ideas for rps ∾ Hunter

Post by Hunter on Thu 10 Nov - 22:30

Greetings, I'm Aki and I'm pretty new to this forum.   Anyway, here goes some ideas for those who want to interact with Hunter.
Click here to see her application if you find necessary!

∾ Things to keep on mind: Hunter is not much talkative, so expect most of the talking being actions instead.  As an avid seller she'll try to make you buy matches everything she's selling. And since she's a merchant, see will also take requests on items.  Most of what she does is related to: wood sculptures, flower gathering, exquisite fruits and materials you can only find outside Oz's walls, tasks that requires labor, fur and others.

∾ Pretty simple rp ideas are:  

〜 Asking Hunter for something, could be an item, a task, information or a favor.
〜 Getting a package, message or information and she's the one delivering.
〜 Bump into her while she's walking around Oz.
〜 Encounter her while she's outside Oz's walls, trying to get materials.
〜 Meet her when she's selling her items on the main street.  (Opens on Sundays)
〜 Meet her in the church or "Salon" for coincidence or after asking her.  ( If it's not an Sunday.)
〜 Casually help her with information related to jewelry making, weapon maintenance and construction, sewing, flower quality, education etc..
〜 Having a drink on a bar or playing on the casino in an attempt to get money.
〜 Accidentally trespassing a family's territory in a week day.
〜 Bump into your character while she was trying to catch an npc who had stolen something from her.  (This npc won't be warmed/killed)
〜 She's buying something from you.
〜 She asks for your help or teaching related to something.
〜 She invites you to a shop, a new place or her home. (Your character needs to know her and she needs to know you too and be in a friend's level. )  

If you have an idea and or want to roleplay one of the ones listed above, send me a pm or answer this page.  Much obliged~


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