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Post by Hunter on Thu 10 Nov - 15:30

Hunter - Original Character Application BLPMzlK

Ana, the Hunter.

Neutral (Mortal)

Physical appearance:Personality:Backstory/Others:
A muscled woman with a sturdy build, above average height and normal weight for her stature.   Normally her straight dark brow hair is kept in the height of her shoulders, but even if she forgets to cut her hair, it doesn't grow too much.   It never causes her trouble in battle.  Her eyes are green and she has an oval shaped face.  She has calluses and scratches on her hands due to handling wood and other materials.  Due to her work, she uses thin clothing, most of the time a blouse with short sleeves, breeches and boots.  She tends to use black, white, red
or gray clothing.  Hunter always uses a cape and an Axe is almost always hidden on her back.  Her appearance can be quite androgynous at times, especially when she's wearing her typical clothing.
Hunter is a cautious person.  She's often reserved and don't tend to strike up a conversation on her own.  When she needs to interact, most of her will is expressed through actions, and she mostly "save words for later" and finds herself never using them on the first place. However Hunter is not a shy woman nor mince words when she does need to talk.  She can be quite stubborn, overly judgmental and remorseless at times only to return to her calm demeanor not much after.  She doesn't lost her temper easily though and has even a good sense of humor.  Most of the time her face doesn't express much. Hunter was the daughter of a carpenter and a gun designer. While apparently that would make her part of Andersen family due to their economical relations around Oz, both of her parents were banished from the household for selling weaponry, information and favor making to other mafiose while being sternly restricted to Andersen's household.  In result, her family was banished and later found shelter in the slums, where the couple started working for the Wolf gang and other neutrals to make a living.   She was born one year after their seclusion; and had grow attached to the forest and nature ever since.  As a "no-mark person", she found herself in danger most of the time.  While her parents were important paws for the Wolf gang, Hunter herself had no value at a young age. That led the couple to teach her everything they knew in other to preserve her existence. Unlike her parents, she was able to wander around the city of Oz and as the time passed, she was able to gather information and contacts to make a living herself.  She was working as a hunter for her family, but was also selling her mother's weaponry and her dad's crafting in Oz.  Her most impressive abilities, however, were focused on battle.   Her family got some sort of recognition during the years after using Hunter as a merchant.  Her parents passed two years ago of natural causes, Ana was eighteen years old at the time. She continued selling fur, handmade goods made with wood, meat, weapons and other materials, but her wood sculptures were the most popular among the citizens. She is a harmless person to most of the townsfolk and mafiosi even having the nickname "Hunter."  The Axe she carries had her dad's name "Pietre" sculpted in gold words.
Player :Aki
Call me Hunter or Aki, whatever you guys prefer~
Age: 20
Anything you'd like to tell us
I had trouble making my register before, nevertheless, I was able to do it now. My character will act as a merchant for goods you can't normally find inside Oz's city walls.  And her main point is to collect items  that can only be found in the forest. ( That includes herbs that can be used on medicine and/or cooking, flowers and materials for crafting jewelry. ) While she can make weapons, Hunter isn't able to mass produce them or modify to the perfect level, since the mafia possess much more knowledge and practice than her. Basically she's a handyman. (Or a Handywoman in that case..   Just kidding. )  I'm not a native english speaker, so, if something is odd bad written, tell me.  Thanks ~ <3
Anyway, nice to meet you guys~

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