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Post by Vane on Wed 9 Nov - 22:44

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Oscar-Wilde Salon

   (Is your character part of the Oz famiglia, the Wolf Gang, just a random citizen from the slums? If they're part of a new faction you just made up, please fill this as well.)


Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
A young woman with pastel blue hair, curled and brighter at the tips that nearly touches her shoulders. Her eyes are turquoise, changing into a yellow color at the bottom, surrounded by a slender face. Because of her work at Oscar-Wilde Salon she is usually seen wearing a Maid costume, a knee long gray dress with puffy sleeves, the collar bounded together with a red ribbon. Over the dress Vane wears a turquoise V-neck hip longe corsett, as well white ruffles on her shoulders and a white ruffle- Headband. Her strikingly elegantly appearance is perfectly fitting her job as "maid" Because of the way she interacts with customers, Vane developed an open mind with a seductive and simple hint. Probably she is always understood as a simple minded woman, but taking a closer look she can easily look through lies and shouldn´t be underestimated. She loves beeing close to people and spreading , also hearing, rumours, a fact you should know when you spend time with her, everything you tell her will know somone else after it too. Also she does everything to get what she wants, there´s no limit for her expect Dorian Gray`s orders, Vane would prefer dying then disobeying her master.
More or less many children get born behinde the doors of the brothel, so Vane. Her mother was a prostitute who got pregnant during work, so her child grew up at Oscar wilde and stayed there. The work of a prostitue got pushed onto her but thinking about it she wouldn´t have picked another job anyway. After all she grew up in the huge building and didn´t know anything else but the dark rooms and the bright odd rose garden. That´s also part of the reason she barely leaves the salon, working everyday is the other part.
Player : see Arisu
see Arisu
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´see Arisu
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Anything you'd like to tell us
maybe some little informations:i chose the name Vane because in the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray a family has the name Vane, and for everyone who doesn't know her she is a side character of the game Smile but sadly there aren´t much informations about her, so i created most of her personality/backstory myselfe

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