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Post by Guest on Thu 29 Sep - 0:31

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Grimm Mafia

Physical appearance
Somber, violet eyes; wisps of blond hair tied back into a streaming tail.
Flashy he may be, but the decorative eye patch he wears isn't simply for show.
Hamelin's fashion sense is elegant on a level of visual appeal.
His color scheme of mauve and purple is alluring, with notes of gold to accent.
Is it wise for a don to bare his stomach in a town armed to the teeth?
The answer is probably no, but perhaps one only has to look at Hamelin's state of dress to determine that he is, in fact, a pretty careless person.
Opposing the recent, more sinister development in his personality, Hamelin has always been known for his kind heart and aversion to violence. He would not carry a weapon of his own volition, and he certainly would never use one. As a mafia boss, some may see this as  foolish and irresponsible, perhaps a reflection of his capriciousness as an adult.
Hamelin is flirty, outgoing and very much loves his famiglia. Even though he's a bad adult who refuses to engage in fights, his indisputable affection for Grimm at least seems to be a saving grace.
Hamelin appears to suffer from a type of personality disorder. In truth, there is a voice that has been manipulating his actions and twisting his emotions for some time. He goes where it tells him; does what it wants him to do. He believes it is inevitable that these things will happen, anyway; that he has no choice in his behavior, and he is guided by fate.
Hamelin is Grimm famiglia's don. After a terrible incident that resulted in his exile, Hamelin has wandered along the outskirts of town. What he's been doing until recently is unknown...
Player :Hamelin
You can just call me Nicky.
I'm 23.
I look forward to role playing with you all~

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Hamelin App Empty Re: Hamelin App

Post by Wizard of Oz -Admin- on Thu 29 Sep - 6:46

That's a good app, welcome here!
If you could just change your name to plain "Hamelin" it'd be perfect!
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