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Post by Bernadette on Sun 4 Sep - 8:20

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Grimm Famiglia

Physical appearance
Bernie’s soft, long, curly hair is red in color, contrasting significantly with her thin, green eyes. Her form, though petite, finds slight ground in height. Her hands show the fruits of her efforts, soft and safe thanks to gloves, but gloves cannot always protect her from a few cuts and rough evidence of a slight mistake. She rarely wears her gloves outside of her work, however.

She typically wears a simple gingham patterned ruffled skirt that’s purple in color. Suspenders hold it up, of the same color, and she wears a white short sleeved button up underneath. [Example]. Her stockings are plain white and she wears simple black heels. She needs her clothing to function well for her, but provide an orderly air about her, so she keeps her clothing very neat. 

She has a bandanna she wears when she’s working that’s made from both plain cloth and quilted material of scraps from fixing and making the clothing of her fellow Grimm famiglia ruling class. It’s likely one of the most important things she owns. She has it folded with the plain side on the outside and placed into her emergency pack, which contains mini-sewing material. Though she can sew small dangers into her creations, she also owns a handgun just in case. She much prefers to carry small cloth balls and pins and needles and sewn in explosives to fight. 
Brave, intelligent, cunning, confident, selfish, and manipulative. Such traits describe someone like her. Bernie is a simple young tailor with a general preference for keeping up appearances. She’s not very strong physically, but she’s rather intelligent to make it farther in her life. She uses her ingenuity to impress others, appearing rather arrogant but powerful. Her signature “Seven in one blow.” refers to pesky flies she dealt with over her sweet jam and bread snack, but in this world, it’s often taken to mean more. She absolutely adores to talk herself up, boasting in a planned way.

She has no actual qualms with danger, strolling through dealing with harmful presences with a smile, showing how brave and generally fearless she is. Her cleverness is what she uses to try to manipulate people into doing tasks for her, from simple shopping to rearranging areas. She claims her gallant efforts are for the benefit of the whole territory, but she really does have her own reputation in mind, despite the “heroics” that could follow in cleaning up messes. She's the kind of person to offer help for a task and then work out what's in it her. 

In order to accomplish her goals, she often dabbles in using misdirection - that is, distraction creation - and small lies. She has an array of decoy skills that she’s tailored to her fit and she takes pride in them. She’s very on top of timing, so she confidently states, and is prepared to provoke others into fighting or leaving so she doesn’t have to deal with them directly. She speaks rather politely, despite her occasional rough occasions. She has general issues in directly trusting others, however, as she’s found one too many promises broken in her lifetime, and therefore keeps much of her life a secret. She appears kind on initial appearances, and is rather nice and tolerable to those she enjoys the company of.

She does actually work hard, despite her selfish intentions, believe that she should work to actually have something to back her claims. She's excellent at what she excels in, and often works later nights, and can’t be bothered to go sleep in a proper spot. 
Bernadette has been around since the creation of the Grimm famiglia, but chose to keep to an orderly side of things. She provides clothing for her family, and an additional slot of revenue. She does rather trust them all, more than she can say for any others, and technically has a spot in the manor for herself. However, she often falls asleep in her work-space, and doesn’t spend as much time directing inside the castle because of that. It's probably just a bit worrisome to someone, but she simply claims that her beautiful work must be managed to perfect, so extra hours do not hurt. 

One day after she bought sweet jam to help her focus upon her sewing, she had to deal with a fly problem, and ended up taking care of seven flies in one swoop, finding a convenient way to boast in the results. That’s why she really takes pride in that fact, making sure that she talks it up to be an astounding feat. Of course, it’s far easier to leave it as “seven in one blow!” Adding “flies” in makes the saying chunky.

She’s said to have logically and confidently dealt with peoples’ problems within the territory in the past (though not out of purposeful benefit to others. She saw gain in completing the tasks), befitting of her informal title of the Selfishly Gallant Tailor.

One promise of being there and improvement that was left broken thanks to disruptions in the structure of the familgia left her untrusting of many others. She'd much rather have the old days back, the days when she had been certain to have been able to fix up more, to understand more, but it's thanks to everything that happened that it cannot be. She still has faith in him though, and awaits his return just has much as other members of her famiglia do. Bernie is a tailor in the end, finding the other members of the Grimm famiglia amusing and she trusts them highly. She does still go about her own plans for gaining, such as she is, but she’s by-far more lenient on them. 

Still 18. I level up later this year. 

Anything you'd like to tell us

The original OC of mine that I showed the admit before I joined the forum is finally here to sewn up some trouble in and stitch up holes in her family’s funds. I meant to maybe read and do a different OC, but Bernie called to me, and I couldn't help but answer. Also Ozmafia is painful and amazing I'm happy to still be here. Also yikes if I need to clear stuff up here let me know. My explanations tend to be messy. Yikes this ended up long.

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Post by Wizard of Oz -Admin- on Sun 4 Sep - 16:06

Talk to Hansel and Gretel about their relationship Smile 
(Otherwise I'm approving this, just remember to PM them!)
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