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Weiss has light lavender hair that is loosely braided on both sides of her face with pastel pink eyes that are always behind a pair of glasses.  Her signature look consists of a hooded cape that connects at her neck guard, detached baggy sleeves, a sleeveless white blouse that is layered with a purple gray under-bust, a loose belt that rests along her waist and hips, tights, shin high boots and a matching front pleated skirt.  
She carries two weapons with her, a basic black revolver, and a modified long barrel, high caliber rifle.  Full ref HERE.
Known for her shy demeanor, she tends to be very mousey and keeps to herself around most.  Though, get her started on guns, and she will certainly make her thoughts and excitement known.  Outside her profession and passion for guns, she has a secret for romance novels.  She is a bit embarrassed about this hobby, and will do her best to keep it hidden.  Despite her shy, nerd nature, she is quite capable with both of her weapons, and her personality turns from the meek bookworm to that of a serious and confident gunslinger. Although Weiss is ruling class, she never wanted the responsibility that came with that title, and opted to work for in the Oz territory as a gunsmith.  Through the years, Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel became her best customers; as she supplied the entire Oz mafia with weapons and ammo.  Out of the three, she saw Axel's shotgun most often in her shop more times than she had liked; seeing such a fine weapon damaged the way it was never failed to irritate her.  But, because of Axel's mishandling with his own weapon, Weiss developed a better, sturdier frame that was meant to bear a beating.  It was intentionally meant to be given to the gun mangling robot, but she became so in love with her work, she modified it to her own liking and kept it as her prized gun, Peacekeeper; P.K for short.  Though, she often relies on her revolver more, as P.K is better suited to mid to long range shooting.
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Good App, as expected of you Smile

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