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Grimm Family

Physical appearance

Hansel is blond haired with light brown eyes, freckles, and a constant, irrepressible smile. He is slight but not thin, moving quickly to both attack his targets and to keep his sister from eating all the sweets he makes. He keeps his hair in a messy ponytail and normally wears a scarf over his half-buttoned shirt and vest, making room for the little white boutonniere he keeps on his left.

Young and sprightly, Hansel is positive more often than not – in stark contrast to his sister Gretel. They are very close – especially when Gretel uses him as a human shield. He's not one for formalities and can be rash, acting without thinking of the consequences (much to Scarlet's chagrin and Gretel's approval.)

He secretly hopes that his sister will be successful in making friends.

Caporegime of the Grimm famigilia, Hansel takes it upon himself to raise money to help maintain the famiglie through a bake sale, making delicious pastries and sweets to sell to people around town.
However, he doesn't forgive the other famiglia for banishing Hamelin and picks fights with them often, relying on dynamite as his primary weapon.

Player: See Dorian Gray

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Hansel Empty Re: Hansel

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Good app, no problems here, I'm glad to accept it!

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