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Oz Mafia

(Is your character part of the Oz famiglia, the Wolf Gang, just a random citizen from the slums? If they're part of a new faction you just made up, please fill this as well.)

Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
arisu has a very light skin tone and big eyes of a blue color like the sea .She has a strikingly beautiful appearance, a slender,  body, busty, with long legs and her hair is straigt with a rose tone changeing into white at the tips. two hair stains are tied back with a black bow
another thing are the two burnmarks , the sign of oz on her shoulderblade and the sign of pandora , the familie she was in first, over her heart

overall she looks like a nice person but she can also look kinda creepy if she is really angry though that doenst happen often
arisu tends to put a cold front because it is her only way to cope the things she was put through. she finds herself distressed about not being able to communicate with people properly, that is one of the reasons she doesn´t talk much and usually trys to interact with people as less as possible.
Normally, she comes across as a quick thinker, out her indifferent and aloof , but she also worries much about her family/the people she cares about
though of her "social phobia" she is really afraid to lose the people close to her and can`t let go
Also she hates water just like caramia
but after all you can always rely on her and if you have any trouble she will help you
Arisu lived in another town and worked there as consigliere, because of her rank it happened that she belongs to the ruling class as well . Also her job was to protect people, so she is a good fighter, cooking, serving, cleaning and taking part by negotiations . Though she really hated the town and members she stayed there til the death of her "little sister",they aren't related but during the long time they stayed together they developed a sibling-relationship . She moved to oz and.joined oz famiglia after all she knew them from some negotiations and visited the town as child often. Very important is the necklace she is wearing a familie gift her father gaved her once.
Player :yume/Arisu
(We'd like to know how to refer to you.)
Age: 15
(We do not have an age restriction ; however we may adapt to your age when interracting with you.)
this is my first time being in a fandom/RPG page so i probably need some time til i get everything, also english isnt my native language(i have read in the rules we have to use a corrrect english)but i will give my best
well I have a kyrie shipping account (instagram) and I hope we all get along

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Good app, thanks for making the tweaks asked Smile
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