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Post by Guest on Sat 23 Jul - 1:45

Cupid was on her way to work at Oz Cafe for her usual afternoon shift; it was only a part-time job, but she wanted to save up enough money to attend a decent university in the future. Despite her carefree and seemingly air-headed personality, Cupid had managed to get decent grades thus far in school--nothing amazing, of course, but she definitely wasn't as dumb as some might assume.

I guess I'll be working as a server again, she thought as she walked along the street, admiring the scenery as she went along. It was nice to leave a bit early and enjoy the scent of flowers in the air. I'll try my best to make my customers have a great time! That's what customer service is all about, right?

Cupid finally arrived at the entrance of the cafe and sighed. Here already. I was hoping to enjoy the flowers a little more, but oh well... time for work. She slowly opened the door and stepped in. "I'm here!" She announced, tapping her shoes on the mat before making her way to the counter to clock in for her shift.

She took an apron from the back and found a notepad, a pen and a dozen straws for patrons who might like a soft drink. You never know. This might be a cafe, but some people really do love their soft drinks! I was hoping to help bake today, but it can't be helped. Looks like I'm replacing our other server who just left~

Cupid took a breath and mentally prepared herself for a long, busy day and went out to the tables to take over for the other server who had gone home for the day. The first patron she noticed was the ever-studious Scarlet--she paused for a moment to recall where she had last seen him. Ahhh, right. We took a class together last semester. I'm pretty sure he has the top marks, doesn't he...? He looks busy, but I don't think anyone has taken his order yet.

She approached him quietly so as not to startle him. "Welcome! Have you decided what you'd like to order yet, sir?" Cupid smiled at him sweetly, trying not to grin. Hee hee. It's so funny talking to him as though we are strangers. I wonder if he even remembers me? Oh well, this is fun! I didn't think my first customer would be someone I know~

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Post by Scarlet on Fri 29 Jul - 3:43

He doesn’t relent from focusing on his studies, something he would keep up until he had to look the server in the eye, and then it’s something he would return to once he’s ordered, really. He has to be ready for cram school and for the entrance exam. This place is one of the few places he can sit in an area where the people understand not to bother him… too much. The pages turn as he takes notes and copies down more and more. He’ll commit them to memory.

‘So this is like this… and this is like that…’ Scarlet goes through every concept carefully, taking not a moment’s rest yet. Perhaps he’d stop to eat properly, since one of the last times he ordered food, it had been only half finished by the time he needed to leave for cram school.

There are likely more people that entered after him, more voices added to the mix, perhaps others clocking in for work. He notices more movement. It’s difficult to not notice it, even when he’s wrapped up in studying. This place is exciting as always, Scarlet presumes. It’s then he notices the coming presence of a server, their steps approaching carefully. He lifts his head up from his books for a moment, to both acknowledge their arrival and to see who would be the one tending to the delivery his meal.


He recognizes her. They had been in the same class the last year, for their second year of high school. Despite the fact that Scarlet hadn’t talked to a lot of people, he still is good at recognizing the faces behind them. Ah, yes I have. Just a small coffee and… He pauses, realizing his usual order seemed rather bland. Just coffee and a small snack, but he wouldn’t mind a recommendation to try something different… or, maybe not. …and a small sandwich… He says, sure that something simple would be best for him. 

Should he mention her name? He does know who she is, though he hadn’t had a proper conversation with her before, other than a few short words.

Thank you very much… Cupid-san, correct? You go to Grimm Gakuen as well, I think... We were in the same class last year, weren’t we?

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