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Dorian Gray application Empty Dorian Gray application

Post by Guest on Mon 15 Aug - 0:09

Dorian Gray application Dorian-head

Dorian Gray

Oscar-Wilde Salon

Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
An older, sophisticated man, Dorian has dark hair and piercing blue eyes that seem to belong to a man half his age. He is one of the few people in town with facial hair, and he keeps his goatee neat and close-cut. He is always elegantly dressed, switching out his scarf for a priest's collar when necessary. He carries a cane with him not so much for walking support, but for defence as it doubles as a sword.Dorian has an elegant demeanour, tinted with rosy hedonism and a strong principle for living in the moment. He acts the part of Prince Charming more often than not, using his wit and finesse to convince customers and employees alike to patronize his salon. He uses those same skills to comfort those who come to him in grief.
Unbeknownst to many, he suffers from body dysmorphia and depression, choosing to throw himself at sin and lust to take his mind off of the slow grind of time.
He takes advantage of his staff more often than not, using Manboy, Alfani, and his other employees as he sees fit.
The manager of the Oscar-Wilde Brothel and administrator of the town church, where he undertakes the priest's duties and runs the funeral parlour.
Player :DorianGray
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Dorian Gray application Empty Re: Dorian Gray application

Post by Wizard of Oz -Admin- on Mon 15 Aug - 0:30

Good app, accepted!
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