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Rp Plotting with Scarlet Empty Rp Plotting with Scarlet

Post by Scarlet on Wed 3 Aug - 0:00

Honestly, I probably should just go ahead and post one of these for Scarlet as a constant reminder to me that I love stuff like this. Also that I probably will never have enough threads. I like keeping myself busy and immersing myself in Ozmafia things.
Anyways, plotting with Scarlet and whoever you play happens here (or in PM).

Scarlet is highly suspicious of people. He’s serious. It’s in his nature. He often apologizes for the actions of his other family members, as well work out reparations.

So I guess those are really basic ideas. I’m certain up for AUs as well! Scarlet has set profiles in some ones that were actual April Fools Day events, plus there’s the anime-based verse as well. I’m a huge sucker for AUs, actually.

I’m always up for plotting, so like with Alice, this is an open invitation! I wanted to make a separate post for Scarlet since he and Alice are very different. 

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