Plotting with Gretel (Rp ideas)

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Plotting with Gretel (Rp ideas) Empty Plotting with Gretel (Rp ideas)

Post by Gretel on Mon 1 Aug - 17:52

If you are looking for trouble then you've come to the right place. Gretel is pretty antagonistic towards almost everyone but I'm just as happy to do silly posts as well.

If you are part of Grimm Family, Gretel will likely try to get along (as well as Gretel can)
If you are part of another Family, Gretel's interactions will be mostly aggressive.
If you are part of the Neutral groups she'll be less antagonistic but not by much because it is Gretel after all.
If you are part of the Slums or the Wolfpack she'll be indifferent which is about as nice as Gretel gets.

If you want to start an RP feel free to pm me or reply here. I'm always up for a (mis)adventure.

Plotting with Gretel (Rp ideas) Death
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