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Post by Robin Hood on Fri 29 Jul - 6:33

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Robin Hood


Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
Robin Hood is of average height, being on par with Caramia and Dorian. He has short blond hair, which slightly longer in the back is parted to the right and hangs just above his blue eyes. He generally wears dark colored robes with a white undershirt and red tie. He also has a wedding ring on this left hand. Though all of this is a rare sight to see as when he is working he usually wears a white and red half-mask that comes to a point in the front. Some have compared his masked face to that of a crow. He covers up the rest of his face and body behind dark colored robes.Robin Hood is a good man who takes care of all the people in the city, ruling class or not. In fact, he wishes he could do even more and take care of those outside the city as well, but being as he is the only doctor in the city he is reluctant to leave. He has a good bedside manner and treats his patients well, but has been known to get annoyed at times, particularly to those who mess us his clinic. Which is both his place of business and home. He is generally good-natured but can be a bit sarcastic at times and due to the nature of his work he can be a bit cold. When not helping the sick and injured he keeps to himself and spends most of his off time researching remedies for his wife's condition. He tends to be very focused and can easily lose sight of the bigger picture. He is not above using people to get what he wants but generally, he thinks of the good of all. He is mostly opened minded and non-judgemental choosing to stay neutral in the mafia war but there is one thing he absolutely can not forgive. He's a little jaded these days and holds everyone at least partly responsible for the event with his wife.Robin Hood was content patching up the people in town until he fell in love with one of the girls from the Oscar Wilde salon. Being so pure of heart, Dorian gave her the church to care for and shortly afterwards she began to visit Robin every day. He tried to resist her charms, being that he was from the ruling class and she was a normal human. But, alas, her charms were too much for him and the two decided to get married.
Unfortunately, their happy life did not last long. During the ceremony his best friend, the don of the Grimm family Hameln, burst in and killed his wife. While everyone chased after Hameln, no one was there to help Robin get her back to the clinic. Although he did eventually get her back there himself he was too late and was unable to heal her. Instead, he ended up having to put her into suspended animation while he continues to search for a way to bring her back to this day.
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Robin Hood
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Post by Wizard of Oz -Admin- on Fri 29 Jul - 12:55

Good app, accepted!
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