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Post by Wizard of Oz -Admin- on Wed 27 Jul - 15:15

A list of the awards on the forum and how to get them! If you think you didn't get one of said awards when you should have, post here to let me know. You may also suggest new awards!

5 IC posts
25 IC posts
50 IC posts
100 IC posts
250 IC posts
500 IC posts
Create an Open RP thread
Participate in an event
Advertise for the forum
Talk on the chatbox often
Post a lot in the OOC forums
Participate in our games nights
Talk about Scarlet a lot
Somehow know a lot of infos on new members
have two characters
Have 3 or more characters
Make an OC
Make a Canon Character
Have a character in a mafia
Have two characters in different factions
All your characters are in the same faction
Make bad puns and jokes.
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Wizard of Oz -Admin-
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