Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice [Rp Ideas Thread]

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Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice [Rp Ideas Thread] Empty Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice [Rp Ideas Thread]

Post by Alice on Sun 24 Jul - 8:16

Time to set myself down and write something out for this so I don’t forget. 

Anyway, Pita here to try to spice up the forum life with even more antics than it already has by fully introducing Alice and the Carroll famiglia. Of course, with the inclusion of their territory as well, it’s going to be a great time! I figure that this is as good a time as any to get this out here, considering that’s she’s an OC and from a place that further outside of town. 

She’s going to do her best to show just how outstanding the Carroll famiglia, and she’s more than willing to participate in battles, even if one of her handguns may not always be the most helpful. 

Anyway, there’s probably a lot of options here, considering their recent incorporation leaves the Carroll Famiglia rather unfamiliar with the other mafias, and the others mafias are unfamiliar with the Carroll famiglia. At least, at first they are. I suppose it’s probably harder to understand them well, but either way. 

[Still, I guess this thing does apply for asking about Rp for Scarlet too.]

This is certainly an open invite to send a PM for Rp, even if that was already in place, technically. 

Some simple ideas can break down to them just meeting Alice, or Sunday "visits." Or – well, discussion is an excellent part of it all, but this is just something that gets it all out.  

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