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Post by Alice on Sat 23 Jul - 1:35

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Carroll Famiglia

Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
Alice appears to be fairly young, likely around the same general age as Ande and Aelling, if not just a bit older. Her wavy, blond hair is kept out of her face by a simple blue hairband with a bow atop of it. Curious blue eyes show a hint of thoughtfulness among the imagination and strangeness that she may output. She's not the tallest, but she's certainly not short either. Typically, she wears a pleasant smile on her face, but offense will certainly give her a pout.

She wears a light yellow blouse that's a little too large, but it's tucked in ever so slightly into her light blue skirt, which has symbols of the different cards along the hem. [Example]. Her white, knee-high socks fit well into her thin, black, slightly heeled shoes. Sometimes, she wears a white pinafore over her outfit.

Alice has two pistols, one is a more difficult and oddly designed handgun, which she's calls the Knight R. Her other one is a just as oddly designed but much more reliable handgun of a different variety that she calls Knight W. It's notable that the designs on both of them resemble the knight chess pieces.
Alice, like many of her fellow “Wonderland” residents, can seem rather strange, stating things that may not necessarily seem normal, such as talking about the advice the flowers gave her, or even simply mentioning that the roses need a fresh coat of paint. She says these things all matter-of-factly, with a childish innocence that shows her views likely won’t be change, even if her knowledge comes into question. She’s rather courteous to all, described as loving and gentle, with a bright and curious manner about her. She's quite proud of her knowledge, and very well shows it.

She’s rather imaginative, as shown with her words, but thoughtful as well. However, she’s brave and hardly afraid to challenge authority. She’s still much a child, and it's likely that she'll occasionally make casually cruel comments and say the “wrong” thing, despite her interest in the other person. New experiences are something else to her, but she’ll still listen for what the words of others mean – everything has some meaning, even if the meaning is absolute nonsense! At least that’s what her territory has taught her. She may not always be the most assured of who she is, but she’s still learning!

While she does accept the strangest things as part of an occurrence with all the trust that it probably has a possibility of happening with all the will of a dreamer, she’s not the fondest of people who are rude and interrupt her. She's, having been taught it casually by a few of the residents, will curtsy when meeting people, and when thinking of what to say. It saves Time after all.

Alice came to be who she is after proving herself to be the most capable. As she, the Curious and Courteous Wonderer, showed herself to be level, she ascended to the throne of Wonderland as “Queen.” She explains herself and her own name just so: “My name is Alice, rather simple I’m sure you think. But in this world, the game has to have ground, and while my head is upon my shoulders, you see, I need to have a name that won’t fly away.” As “Queen” Alice appoints Hatter as her second-in-command, for the people had trust.

She, befitting of her role, assured that everything was in place in case there were others beyond their territory, but she took responsibility with taking care of all that she could. It’s a curious sort of thing, how simple people are, when you just need to satisfy their interest!

Upon the introduction of her and her family to the others, a state she can only pit on a few curious souls being oddly curious. It’s not that she minds it, really. She decided to get to know them albiet in caution, and quite understood that they would hardly be friends, especially since she was quite ready to defend the land they had kept in peace outside the town for so long. “Oh, why it’s curiouser and curiouser, we mayn’t be quite so friendly, but I’ll see to it that you get the occasional unbirthday tea mention on Sunday!”

Player :

you all call me Pita let's keep that up



Anything you'd like to tell us

This is Pita, man, back again after hitting the ic post limit on Scarlet to throw a ruling class OC at you all. The town’s about to get livelier with the addition of the wacky but refined Carroll Famiglia. I needed to make like 50 footnotes [Carroll Famiglia info]during all of this, and I still feel like I could have included other things, but this is just Alice, and there’s potential for all these other fun and entertaining friends.

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Post by Wizard of Oz -Admin- on Sat 23 Jul - 1:56

Accepted! You definitely put a lot of work into it and it shows Smile
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