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Kyrie C3za0



Oz Famiglia

Physical appearancePersonalityBackstory/Others
Kyrie is tall, slender but toned. Not known for any physical strength, though mentally, that is a different story.
Underneath a boater style hat, is meadow green hair that lightens at the tips. His hair is parted in a way that covers his right eye always. He keeps it covered because it changes colours that reflect his mood. Something that his position in the family cannot have visible. Nobody is aware of his colour changing eye, not even Caramia or Axel. His visible eye, which does not change colour, is a beautiful sky blue. Always looks deep in thought, contemplative and usually up to no good.
Very rarely is he ever seen without a hat or gloves on. His overall look is that of a gentleman, while appearing kind it is quite far from the truth. He is defintely one who takes pride in his appearance and hygiene.
The consigliere of the OZ family, which is the right hand man and advisor to the boss. On the outside Kyrie appears to be quite the dapper gentleman depending who you are to him but he is actually very malicious and a sadist. He enjoys seeing people in pain, mad, upset, etc. Comes off having quite a mischievous personality and doesn’t mince words (He is very aware that he is hurting someone). Conniving and sly and doesn’t mind bullying others to get information. He is somewhat of a pervert. He is the brains of the Oz Famiglia and also owns and runs a bar and casino. He is often seen at those places as well as the town's 'salon'.

He is very smart and knows he is and has no problem making sure others are aware of it. Anyone less intelligent than him he will talk down to. Many find it shocking how he speaks to Caramia, the Oz Don. Kyrie finds Caramia an excellent target for his musings as well as Axel. His intelligence is so high he can even predict outcomes of any given situation. Deep down he cares for others but has this wall of “I don’t care” surrounding him. He is actually very  insecure about himself…again with the wall of protection and acting like a jerk to protect himself. Though he comes off callous quite often he can be very thoughtful and kind.

He is who he is and if you don’t like that, it’s not his issue. He won’t change and if he slightly will alter his personality for anyone, you are very special to him. He hates getting his hands dirty and prefers others doing his dirty work.
Before Kyrie was the sly consigliere he is now, he was a simple scarecrow built by an old farmer. Made with cloth, stuffed with straw and a face decorated with charcoal and paint. His one eye that was unprotected from the rain was constantly getting washed away. The farmer always took the time to repaint his one eye. Which is why, in present, his covered eye is always changing colours depending on his mood. Blissfully ignorant and without a brain, he spent his days and nights keeping watch over the farm's crop fields.

One day he met a young girl who was trying to find her way back home. She mentioned that she was on her way to meet a great wizard who could grant her this wish. Kyrie thought it would be nice if this wizard would also be able to grant his wish of having a brain. So he was invited to join her on her quest to have their needs fulfilled.

On their journey they met a tin man and cowardly lion, both also looking to obtain pieces of themselves that they felt would make them better. Once obtained, Kyrie along with the Lion, Caramia and the tin man Axel were granted human forms. After some discrepancies started within the town, lines were drawn and mafia families formed. It was Kyrie who assigned the job of Don to Caramia, preferring to remain the advisor.
Player :
Anything you'd like to tell us
Thanks for the opportunity to try out. I run two OCxCanon blogs on Tumblr and one is a Kyrie blog.

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An excellent app, it's a pleasure to accept it! Feel free to join us on the chat!
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